A passion that we cultivate

February 22 2023
Make your operators life easier
We recently had the chance to explore the beautiful regions of Quebec, meeting passionate snowmobile...
January 4 2023
Soucy products for rice cultivation
In the United States, rice is one of the most difficult grains to harvest due to the special conditi...
At Soucy
November 1 2022
The advantages of working at Soucy Track
A local business Did you know that Soucy is a Canadian-owned company? Founded in Drummondville in 19...
August 4 2022
USA Rice Outlook Conference
Austin, Texas December 7 - 9 Iin recent years, rice production has become an increasingly important ...
August 4 2022
Bauma 2022
Munich, Germany October 24-30 If you’re in the construction industry, you’ve probably already heard ...
April 18 2022
5 reasons why to use a track system on your self-propelled sprayers
A farmer’s work is a never-ending cycle. Once the seeding season is over, the spraying stage must im...
January 13 2022
Tracks VS Wheels
Time and performance are the two key elements for farmers. They need to be the best equipped to face...
November 18 2021
Maintain and repair your track system - Success Is in the Details
The end of the harvesting season is around the corner, and it is now time for your machines to get t...
July 15 2021
The harvest products you need this fall
Fall is many farmers’ favourite season as it is time to harvest what they have been working on all y...
May 6 2021
5 reasons why to use a track system with your tractor
When working in the fields, the versatility of a tractor can meet several growing needs. Soucy offer...
April 29 2021
For more than 10 years, Tri-County Snowmobile Club has relied on Soucy
As the snowmobile season comes to an end, we spoke with the vice president of the Tri-County Snowmob...
March 15 2021
5 reasons why to install a track system on your planter
Winter is coming to an end and it is time for planting season. The window of time to start this seas...
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