5 reasons to use a track system to groom your trails

May 30 2024

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By Soucy, Soucy

When snowmobile clubs groom their trails, it is essential for them to have an equipment that is efficient and will not let them down during the short snowmobile season. Different options exist on the market to groom snowmobile trails, but Soucy is the only company to offer 4-season track systems for tractors. Discover 5 reasons why you and your club should use a track system to groom your trails.

  1. Performance
    The Soucy track system is very efficient, regardless of the conditions, whether it is heavy snow or steeper terrain. The S-TECH 600GX is ready to give trail conditions like no other groomer can offer. Obstructions, storms, strong winds or large snowdrifts, there is nothing this track system cannot handle.

  2. Maintenance
    With the S-TECH 600GX track system, maintenance frequency has been reduced to the minimum allowing more time to be spent working on the trails. Thanks to the oil bath axles, this track system requires maintenance only after 500 hours of use, or annually.

  3. Versatility
    The Soucy track system is the most versatile of all groomers. Thanks to this four-track system, turns are easier to handle. In addition to a precise, stable and comfortable ride, it is the only snow groomer that can be used during all four seasons: for landscaping work at the beginning and end of the season and, of course, to groom trails during the snowmobile season.

  4. Resale value
    With a Soucy track system will I have a better resale value than with other snow groomers? Certainly, since no modifications are made on the tractor to install the Soucy track system! You can therefore keep all its original parts and be free to go back to tires at any time, which gives you an excellent resale value.

  5. Excellent service
    Soucy is a company with more than 50 years of experience in the field of snowmobile and track systems. The latter are designed by a group of passionate engineers in constant reflection to find new technologies that will improve the performance of the S-TECH 600GX in the trails. The Soucy team's service has proven itself in the field of trail grooming, since many snowmobile clubs across Canada and the United States use a four-track system. In fact, snowmobile clubs are unanimous about the excellent efficiency of the Soucy track system.

Discover more about this track system that will allow you to have well-groomed trails, snow or shine.

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