5 reasons why to use a track system with your tractor

October 21 2021

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By Soucy, Soucy

When working in the fields, the versatility of a tractor can meet several growing needs. Soucy offers a track system suitable for tractors doing several types of agricultural work. Discover 5 of the reasons why you should install this very versatile track system on your tractor:

  1. Protect your crops

    The S-TECH 600R track system allows specialty crops tractors to change the height of the ground clearance according to the tractor model, to move through the crops without damaging them. Ground clearance can adapt from a height between 150 mm and 300 mm (6 to 14 inches) to further protect plants throughout the harvest throughout the season.

  2. The narrowest tracks

    The S-TECH 600R tracks are exceptionally narrow, available in 12 and 16 inches, offering the ability to move between rows without damaging crops. The specific pattern of the chevron on the tracks as well as the large ground contact surface allow for a better traction. The track has 4 times greater ground contact than a tire of equivalent width, which reduces compaction on the ground to promote better crop yields.

  3. More traction = more load capacity

    The excellent traction of the tracks, as mentioned previously, allows the possibility to increase your load capacity, which reduces the round trip to the field. In addition, there is no accumulation of mud in the wheels due to its particular shape. Without any changes to the system, the S-TECH 600R makes your tractor even stronger with the sub-chassis addition. This track system, specific to the industry, distributes loads optimally, while never interfering with the 3-point hitch system.


  4. A versatile worktool

    Set up for a wide range of tractors, the S-TECH 600R excels on several applications such as transplantation, spraying and harvesting. With the ability to change the width of the spacing from 1,500 mm to 2,260 mm (59 to 89 inches), the tractor is much more versatile for all types of crops. Without additional equipment, the width of this track system can be modified by the farmer very easily to adapt to bed configuration, row spacing and crop range.

  5. A stable solution for a specific application

    As the S-TECH 600R has a better traction, it makes the vehicle much more stable and soil imperfections are less felt. This stability brings the spray booms closer to the ground for optimal spray coverage and reduction in drifts. With a footprint of up to 2,640 square inches on the ground, the track system rolls over holes and passes over bumps while maintaining a very stable traction.

The S-TECH 600R track system, being the darling of Soucy products, has several advantages and is compatible with a wide variety of tractor brands, including John Deere, Case IH, Massey Ferguson, New Holland and Fendt.

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