Do I really need a track kit on my tractor?

October 21 2021

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By Soucy, Soucy

Since 2005, we have offered a line of track systems designed exclusively for farm machinery and vehicles. Have you ever thought about using them on your farm operation? If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions you should consider installing Soucy tracks on your tractor:

Do I work in soft conditions and need extra traction and flotation?
Soft ground conditions can prevent you from getting necessary chores done. Having a tractor with Soucy tracks will allow you to work on your schedule instead of Mother Nature’s. The greater ground contact provided by tracks allows for more flotation and traction than tires of comparable width. This allows you to work in conditions that a wheeled tractor is unable to. This can be the difference in getting that pesticide treatment applied at the ideal time versus not getting to it at all due to ground conditions. Another benefit is that you can get by without using dual tires to achieve the required flotation. The narrower configuration allows transport between fields without escort vehicles.

Am I concerned for the health of my soils and want to maximize yields?
Maintaining soil health and maximizing yields is a goal of every farmer – it is how they make a living and feed the world. Compaction affects the health of your soil and its ability to provide water and nutrients to your crops. This compaction can negatively affect yield potential. Tracks provide about four times as much surface area compared to similar width tires thereby reducing compaction. Tires can cause ruts in your fields making field operations more difficult for man and machine while raising the cost of seedbed preparation.


Do I need a stable platform for applying fertilizer and chemicals to my crops?
If you are using a tractor mounted spraying system to apply fertilizer and pesticides, having your tractor on tracks will provide you with a more stable platform for the spray boom. This allows you to position your spray boom closer to the crop without the fear of rocking too far and hitting the ground with the tip of your boom. This allows for better coverage with less drift. You will also be able to carry about 25% more weight than on tires so you can have larger tanks requiring fewer refills.

The Soucy tracks S-TECH 600R for tractor are available in 12 inches (305 mm) and 16 inches (400 mm) wide tracks and can be spaced anywhere between 59 and 89 inches to fit a wide range of row spacings.

Installing Soucy tracks on your tractor will help improve your productivity by ensuring that you are able to get your work done when you are ready regardless of ground conditions, reducing compaction and with more precision than with the same tractor on tires.
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