Farm Progress Virtual Experience: between tradition and innovation

October 1 2022

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By Soucy, Soucy

Who said that agriculture is a conventional and traditional world that still uses the same ways and thoughts as previous generations? At Soucy, we deeply believe that the experience and knowledge of agricultural pioneers are invaluable. On the other hand, for traditions to endure, they must evolve and adapt to our society. We know that the many players in agricultural production know how to adapt to constant change and that is why this year we are presenting our track systems in virtual events.


Virtual events for a real need

With the current period we are going through, we have to rely particularly on technology to continue our activities and get in touch with farmers. In fact, the Farm Progress Show is the most popular outdoor agricultural show in North America to date and exists since 1953. This year, it is adapting and becoming the Farm Progress Virtual Experience (FPVX) with an exclusive online offering.

At Soucy, innovation is at the heart of our values and it is through our rubber track systems that we are proud to support farmers in their many daily challenges by offering solutions that fit their reality. We are therefore very proud to adapt ourselves to this new reality and participate in the very first Farm Progress Virtual Experience to present, among others, our track systems for planters and combines.

A meeting to get informative content

From September 15 to 17, join us via the virtual platform of the FPVX to live this new interactive experience with us. During these three days, you will also be able to find exclusive content on our Facebook, Instagram et Twitter pages. Brand new informative content will be available and who knows, you may also find some exclusive offers!

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