How to gain productivity this spring with track systems

July 2 2022

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By Soucy, Soucy

The father of Jon Hanson, one of our territory managers, once told him that the best answers he has ever gotten are to questions he never asked. We believe at Soucy we have been listening as well.

We have looked at the industry and what it has been telling us: to develop products to minimize and/or solve obstacles. As we come up on the spring planting and spraying season here are some of those answers, we have provided with our S-TECH 7016, track systems for self-propelled sprayers and S-TECH 012P, track systems for planters.

“I need to get in the field quicker as my opportunity windows seem to be diminishing yearly.”

Both our planter and sprayer track systems allow the farmer to access their acres sooner and not be so handcuffed by field conditions. The increased footprint provided by both of those track kits directly translates into early interaction with those acres. That interaction is also significantly less impactful on the soil with the lowered ground pressure provided by the load distributed over a larger area. Footprint increases 300% or better in most cases. No need to consider Mother Nature and adversaries at times any longer. Farmers will move and gain access to those acres significantly quicker than with traditionally tired units.


“I’m spraying and planting quicker than I have in the past and I’m concerned.”

With the increased input speeds and at times shrinking application windows, a stable platform is essential. The larger footprint provided by these track kits allows for more stability at faster speeds while operating in the field. Whether it is uniform seed depth on a planter or a significantly more stable boom on a sprayer, Soucy has provided solutions to those concerns.    

“Are maintenance schedules with these tracks bothersome?”

Soucy has manufactured both the S-TECH 012P and the S-TECH 7016 not to be intrusive regarding maintenance time. Visual inspections are the most important component to successful relationships with any track set-up. Soucy track kits are no different. We pride ourselves on providing products that not only perform in the field above and beyond expectations but do so without the extra cost of time related to their continued superior performance.


Soucy has listened to the farmer and is providing some solutions. Whether the main concern is compaction, access to acreage, or a more stable platform at speed: we have options.  

To learn more about these track systems and find out if they fit your equipment, have a look here.

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