How track systems will help you harvest when fields are wet

October 1 2022

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By Soucy, Soucy

During harvest season, we are aware that your time is limited, and you have a lot to do in a short period of time. You can't afford to have too much downtime because of the weather, so what do you do when the rain doesn’t stop and the fields are wet? The S-TECH 1000X is the tool you need to harvest even when the fields are soaked, especially in the rice fields.

The Soucy S-TECH 1000X track system for combines allows you to harvest crops even in the most difficult conditions, without causing too much damage to the soil. Thanks to the track system, not only can the combine go into wet fields where tires cannot, but it can do so with minimal soil damage. Ground pressure can be maintained at less than 12 psi, even with a heavy header, allowing the combine to travel easily over saturated soils.

Faster than ever

Equipment is getting heavier and heavier. With the S-TECH 1000X, you will be able to work without fear of getting stuck thanks to the 12.5% increase in contact area compared to the previous system. The wider sprocket allows a transport speed of up to 17.5 mph (depending on the combine model) to maximize harvesting time. No gearbox modification is required to achieve maximum speed.


Less time doing maintenance

A major advantage of the S-TECH 1000X is reduced maintenance requirements and increased time spent in the field during the short harvest period. The S-TECH 1000X for combine does not require daily or weekly lubrication. Oil bath hubs with transparent caps provide a quick and easy way to check oil levels. Also, mud and debris build-up are significantly reduced due to the center frame design, minimizing the amount of cleaning required.

Track systems provide several benefits during the harvest season, especially when the weather is uncertain and that you have a large area to harvest. Tracks are the insurance policy that you need that will make the difference between bringing the crop in or losing it in the field.

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