Track systems on my farm equipment, but why?

March 18 2023

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By Soucy, Soucy

As a farmer there are things that you can control in your farm operation. However, the weather and challenging harvest conditions are not parts of what you can control. If Mother Nature is not on your side this year, there is a way to be ready to work with her and to be more productive. You can expect a lot from a track system and here are some of the reasons for you to install one on your farm equipment.

Access to your field at all time

You can expect to have a consistent access to your fields. A track system can work in any field condition both wet or dry. The easy to install ST-032 for trailers can be modified for various types of trailers and equipment, so you can use it on a planter in the spring and a grain trailer in the fall, whatever the soil conditions are.


Unbeatable traction

You can expect to get more traction than ever. Track systems offer reduced slippage and increased ground contact area. With the S-TECH 600R for tractors you can pull larger implements and get more work done. It is a versatile work tool for a wide range of applications.

Soil protection

You can expect to keep your soil well-kept. Tracks distribute pressure on a larger surface to reduce overall soil compaction. With a more aerated soil, nutrients will reach the root zone for a better growth of your crops. The S-TECH 012P for planters give your seed the perfect conditions for a healthy start. As a high-quality seeding is crucial for a good crop, with the S-TECH 012P, the plant emergence and growth will be uniform across fields.

More flotation

You can expect to get in the field without risk of getting stuck. Do not let bad weather wipe out months of hard work. The enormous footprint of the S-TECH 1000X helps your combine harvester move through the most waterlogged fields, guaranteeing that you will be able to harvest when the time is right.

There is nothing bad about expecting the extraordinary from your farm equipment. Install Soucy track systems on them to bring your productivity to another level.

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