Tracks VS Wheels

November 26 2023

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By Soucy, Soucy

Time and performance are the two key elements for farmers. They need to be the best equipped to face every new challenge that their field shows them every day. Choosing between regular wheels or track system can be a difficult choice because they both offer their own benefits depending on how they are being used and the condition of the soil on which they are operating. Here are some of the benefits to help you choose:

Wheel benefits:

Familiar: Regular wheels are the default rolling equipment for agricultural machinery. Usually, people are more comfortable with products that they are familiar with.

Speed and agility: A combine harvester with regular wheels equipped can reach the speed of 25 mph (40 km/h). Their smaller surface contact with the ground makes it easier to make sharp turns in the field.

Road comfort: Regular wheels offer better suspension on rigid roads like dry land or asphalt, which makes the transport more pleasant.

Economic purchase cost: Due to many competitors in this market, the cost for these wheels is often less expensive.


Track benefits:

Soil protection: Increased flotation and traction minimize soil damage and brings more aeration to the soil and makes it easier for the water to penetrate and drain. With the flotation, crop roots may grow unobstructed in a well-structured soil.

Unbeatable traction: Track systems offer reduced slippage and increased ground contact area. This means you can pull larger implements in any soil type without damaging your land.

Field comfort: The pressure dispersion, increased stability and larger ground contact makes the transportation more comfortable in equal or softer fields.

Field access at all times: You will have consistent, trouble-fee access to your fields. No matter the conditions, you can work when you want to, with no fear of damaging your soil and your crops. This means you can make the most of narrow work windows and cut down on lost time.

Economic on the long run: Track systems may be costlier at the start, but on the long-term, you will find them more economic. Each individual part can be repaired or replaced, and at the same time lowering the cost for maintenance.

Soucy’s track system and regular wheels have a benefit in common: it is considerably fast and easy to change from one to another. This means that the farmer could benefit from each depending on the situation and won’t need to make a definitive commitment from tires to tracks.

To learn more about Soucy’s track systems and know if they fit your equipment, visit our website:

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