What to expect for the next winter season on the snowmobile trails

March 18 2023

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By Soucy, Soucy

Right now, it is still difficult to predict what the weather will look like and how much snow will fall next winter. However, one thing is certain, we anticipate that you will find it easier to recruit volunteers to operate your tractor and maintain your snowmobile club's trails with the S-TECH 600GX. Find out why volunteers will enjoy doing snowmobile trail maintenance with a tractor equipped with the Soucy track system. 

We are well aware that recruiting volunteers to do snowmobile trail maintenance can be difficult because of the conditions in which they must work: in the early morning hours in very cold temperatures and in more isolated areas. However, the S-TECH 600GX track system makes this task much more pleasant thanks to several features.

Better comfort in the cab

One of the aspects that will certainly please the person driving the tractor is the walking tandem, which allows the tractor to adapt to the ground contours and obstacles, thus favouring a more stable driving in the cab and a better ride comfort. This addition will allow operators to work longer and more efficiently without experiencing the fatigue they usually experience.

When engineers designed the S-TECH 600GX track, they kept in mind that this system would be used mostly in winter conditions. This is why the outer profile of the track was developed to reduce vibrations while maintaining excellent traction in all possible conditions. When very steep slopes get in the way of operators, they can easily overcome them thanks to this new track profile, but also thanks to the addition of studs that can be installed directly in the track. 

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Reduced maintenance frequency for more time on the trails

Making life easier for volunteers doesn't just start on the trails, but also in the shop when maintenance needs to be done. The oil bath axles eliminate the need for daily or weekly lubrification. Greasing the track system will therefore be a thing of the past.  Maintenance is required after 500 hours of work or annually.

The same goes for snow and ice cleaning. The configuration of the central chassis reduces the accumulation of snow and ice, making this track system easier than ever to clean. This reduction in maintenance time on the crawler system optimizes the time spent on trail maintenance!

Volunteers who make sure the trails are flawless for snowmobile club members will benefit from the increased performance and efficiency, while doing so in much more comfortable conditions.

For winter and snowmobile enthusiasts, hang in there, winter is coming and we'll be meeting on the trails soon!
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