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January 28 2023

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By Soucy, Soucy

A local business

Did you know that Soucy is a Canadian-owned company? Founded in Drummondville in 1967, thanks to the innovative vision of Mr. Gilles Soucy, the company now hires 1700 employees and has establishments and subsidiaries all over the world. It is a fine example of a local business that succeeded on an international level.


Development programs

One of the core values of Soucy Track is the development of its employees. Thus, the company has several programs such as personal development plans, continuing education, multidisciplinary projects, and sponsorship. An entry-level position at Soucy is only a starting point, not the finish line! Many employees advanced their career within the company.




Work-life balance

At Soucy Track, employees are precious. Therefore, the company has implemented many measures to facilitate the balance between work and personal life. Flexible or compressed schedules, remote working, possibility of modifying your schedule for a life project such as a trip or a back-to-school project, all these advantages offer employees as much flexibility as possible!bbbalance.png.230x230_q85_upscale


Growth opportunities

Soucy Track is one of Soucy’s family subsidiaries. The company's 1700 employees are divided among twelve small to medium-sized establishments. The opportunities for internal professional advancement are consequently numerous! Together with all the development programs offered, Soucy is the ideal place to grow, both professionally and personally.




Organized activities

One of Soucy's great strengths is its dynamic HR department. Theyregularly organize fun activities on and off the workplace. Ice cream tasting, garden-parties, 5 to 7, softball tournament, sports challenges, there is no shortage of fun ideas and creative activities.

 Garden party


Group insurance

Soucy offers a group insurance plan adapted to the needs of all its employees. There are several treatments included in the program: reimbursement of medications and paramedical costs, dental care, travel insurance, and more. It also grants access to consultations with health specialists such as psychologists, dietitians, optometrists, etc. Another small advantage that makes life at Soucy a little more pleasant.bbpulse.png.230x230_q85_upscale


Listening managers

Managers at Soucy are attentive to their employees’ needs. They make themselves available and offer support in order to help their employees accomplish their tasks, and often play a key role as a coach and mentor. Managers provide support and advice daily to their team members. They also receive training in personnel management.




Passionate people

Soucy employees are passionate about their job. Several of them have many years of experience in agriculture, trail maintenance, motorsports, or construction industry. The company also participates in many exhibitions and events all over the world to meet other off-road mobility enthusiasts.

If you're interested in working with people as passionate about their work as you are, then Soucy is the perfect place!




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