5 reasons why to install a track system on your planter

February 25 2024

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By Soucy, Soucy

Winter is coming to an end and it is time for planting season. The window of time to start this season is very limited and we are aware that one challenge of this season is having to deal with Mother Nature. There are multiple ways to work with her during the planting season, like installing a track system on your planter. Discover 5 reasons why to install a track system on your planter.

  1. Not a single rut and no berms at the end of the field
    Planters equipped with tracks do not create ruts and berms when turning on headlands. The S-TECH 012P distributes the weight over a larger area, which reduces the pressure that the equipment exerts on the soil. As a result, your soil is more aerated and has no wheel tracks, seed is planted at a uniform depth, roots more easily and gives an even emergence. This results in better plant emergence and more uniform growth across your fields.

  2. Increased productivity
    Tracks reduce ground pressure which allows you to use the maximum speed and fertilizer capacity of your planter at all times. With a total contact surface of 1,622 in2 (1.07 m2), the track system allows you to increase your load capacity. By filling your seed tanks to their maximum capacity, you increase efficiency by reducing unnecessary trips to and from the field. You can get more work done with no fear of damaging your soil.

  3. Quick and simple installation with minimal maintenance
    What could be more annoying than farm equipment that takes several days to set up? Farm equipment that needs a lot of maintenance. Installing the track system on your planter requires only about 4 to 5 hours. No special tools or lifting equipment are required. Plus, the S-TECH 012P installation does not require any modification to your planter.


  4. Minimum compaction for a better growth
    Tracks reduce compaction and give your seeds the perfect conditions for a healthy start. With the S-TECH 012P, you can benefit from a reduced deep soil compaction thanks to lower axle load compared to tires. Without compaction, the soil is more aerated and water penetrates and drains more easily. A well-structured soil allows crop roots to grow unobstructed, reaching nutrients and water which results in better plant growth and ultimately a higher yield.

  5. Protect your soil
    As the weight is distributed over a larger surface area, there is less pressure on the ground. You therefore protect your land from compaction and offer the best growing conditions for your seeds, as rooting will be easier. 

Land is what matters most. Tracks can provide great value not only during planting season, but throughout the year. Give your fields the best chance for a solid start by installing the S-TECH 012P on your planter.

For more information about this product and pricing, our team of experts is available to answer any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to reach out and get the information you need to make an informed decision

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