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July 2 2022

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By Soucy, Soucy

Difficult harvest conditions are becoming a common occurrence in many regions of the world. Farmers are looking to extend the growing season to its fullest while covering more land with the same equipment, despite uncertain weather conditions. Soucy track systems are a good way to equip your combine to maximize your harvest.

The Soucy S-TECH 1000X track system for combines offers a flexible solution to harvest even in the most difficult conditions. Not only can the combine harvester access wet fields where tires cannot go, but it can do so with minimal field damage.

In addition to reducing ground pressure, the tracks provide equal flotation while maintaining a narrower width, reducing the amount of ground surface affected by traffic and soil compaction.

Maximum traction in all conditions

The undercarriage of the S-TECH 1000X track system is designed to distribute weight evenly across the length and width of the track to maximize flotation and minimize ground pressure. This means you'll maintain high traction and maximum efficiency throughout your operations, even in the most difficult field conditions.

The S-TECH 1000X is also designed specifically for harvesting applications. The aggressive tread pattern offers an ideal combination of traction in wet soils and self-cleaning capabilities. The durable single piece compression-moulded track provides optimal field productivity without sacrificing road performance.

Easy-to-install solutions

Soucy track systems are designed to be quickly installed, making it easy to switch between tracks and tires. In fact, in wet and difficult conditions, you can install the tracks on your equipment in a few hours and switch back to tires, if desired, to work in drier conditions.

They can be fitted on most of the most popular combine models in North America; you can then trade your combine and keep your tracks for use on the new machine.

Tracks can be very useful during harvesting, especially when the weather is uncertain and the area to be harvested is large. They will make the difference between harvesting the crop or losing it in the field.

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