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November 26 2023

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By Soucy, Soucy

The end of the harvesting season is around the corner, and it is now time for your machines to get the well-deserved break after your relentless work. Proud of what you have accomplished in the last few months, most of you will jump right back to work to prepare for the success of next year’s harvest. One of the first steps to ensure the best efficiency is to inspect the state of your machinery and equipment. This task may seem long and complex, but Soucy made their track systems for durability, efficiency and made them easy to maintain.

Key steps

  1. Clean the system and the tracks: It is important to start by cleaning the dirt from the rubber track and from inside the system. Once it is all cleaned up, it will be easier to do the second step.
  2. Inspect each part of the system: While doing this inspection, you will need to make sure everything on the system is aligned correctly and to adjust the bolt tension if necessary.
  3. Consult the product’s chart: Each product has their own chart that tells you when you need to lubricate or grease parts of the track system. It will also tell you when to make an oil change to the axles. That maintenance is based on the total number of hours of use and will differ from each track system.

Is it complicated to maintain a Soucy track system?

Not at all! It is even more simple than regular wheels. When a problem occurs with regular wheels, the whole defective section needs to be changed and it can bring on some heavy costs. With a Soucy track system, each individual part can be repaired or replaced, and at the same time lowering considerably the cost for maintenance. By targeting the problem, you can save time and money.

S-Tech 1000X

Replacement parts that make it easier

Soucy’s replacement parts are split in two categories: the rubber tracks and the wheels inside the system, called midrollers. Soucy replacement wheels are designed to be durable and to maximize the lifespan of rubber tracks. They are available in UHMW-PE bonded with rubber. Combined with rubber, UHMW-PE wheels are lighter, stronger, and more efficient.

We won’t let you down

Every Soucy replacement part comes with a warranty to stand behind them. Replacement tracks qualify for a 5-years or a 3,000 hour warranty, for general agricultural application only. UMWE-PE, bonded with rubber wheels, are eligible for a 2-year warranty. 

Before repairing, you can always count on our reliability

All Soucy’s track system are designed to handle the hardest and maximum work on the field. Before launch, every Soucy track system goes through testing for more than 1,400 days. The result is that we have the most durable and efficient track on the market.

If you need more technical advice on how to maintain your Soucy product or have questions on replacement parts, contact one of our experts that will make sure to help you in the best way possible.

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