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October 1 2022

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By Soucy, Soucy

Fall is many farmers’ favourite season as it is time to harvest what they have been working on all year. Warm up the combine engines, hook up the trailers to the tractors and get ready to spend many hours in the fields. If rain is keeping you out of your fields and you want to increase your productivity, why not install track systems on your harvesting equipment this fall? Discover all that our fall products have to offer!


The S-TECH 1000X: harvest with complete confidence

It's a fact that farm machinery is getting bigger and heavier. By installing a track system, you will be able to work without fear of getting stuck thanks to the 12.5% more contact surface than the previous system.

When moving between fields, you can count on a transport speed of up to 17,5 mi/h, depending on the model and configuration of the combine, allowing you to maximize your harvesting time.


The S-TECH 1000G: an effective solution to save your crops

The S-TECH 1000G's design is more compact than our previous track systems for combines, which will allow you to have better maneuverability. This will make turning on headlands easier.

On the other hand, you can also count on optimal flotation. Even in difficult soil conditions, the 36 inches track width and 5,710 in2 ground contact area will allow you to harvest without worrying about the weather!


The ST-032: versatility, flotation and stability

Now that you have a track system on your combine, you should also add one on your trailer to protect your soil and increase your productivity. With the added flotation of tracks, you will be able to fill your grain cart to capacity without the risk of getting stuck or damaging your soil.


The guarantee that you’ll be in the fields at the right time

During harvest time, we know that your time is precious and that every minute count! That is why installing our combine track systems is quick and easy. With their bolt on system, you can switch from tires to tracks in just 2 to 3 hours, ensuring a flexible harvesting plan, no matter the conditions.

In addition to being quick to install, our track systems for combine have simplified maintenance that reduces downtime. Oil bath hubs with clear covers eliminate the need for daily lubrication. This will allow you to optimize your work time and ensure maintenance after 500 working hours or annually.

To learn more about our line of harvesting products, visit the detailed sheets for each track system.

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